Goodwill Glam

The holidays are here, which means holiday party time. And no one loves getting glammed up more than this girl. For my husband’s yearly office holiday party, I typically end up splurging on a dress I think I’ll wear again (you know, for all those galas I go to). Then they get tossed in the back of my closet never to surface again.

This year, however, I shopped smarter. I gave myself a budget and decided to find a holiday-worthy dress I could wear more than once.

I was able to score a Trina Turk dress for $50 at Goodwill. It has a nude slip lining that makes the black eyelet pop and adds a little lightness for versatility. I can wear it on date nights without looking too done up. It’s the little black dress done lite.

look up
It’s a very ladylike dress, but the bolero and smoke crystal necklace provided some edge.
I ended up not wearing these gold heels. Too slippery 😦

LBD procured, I grabbed a black taffeta clutch, a short-sleeved bolero and some black patent mary janes. If you haven’t guessed, I love black.

After applying a little shimmer and shine, I was ready to go to a holiday party at the Seattle Aquarium opposite my dashing husband.

I went with coppery shades and highlights!

He, by the way, was sporting a black satin-finish Eton dress shirt, which I also picked up at Goodwill for next to nothing. I’ve been shopping a lot lately, can you tell?

And we had a fantastic night!


I do admit, finding designer clothes in good condition at thrift stores is a challenge. But I get tips from reading fashion blogs, like this recent post by Northwest Blonde.

The same tips helped me find a pair of tags-still-on Ted Baker trousers at the South Lake Union Goodwill. I’ve picked up countless treasures there over the years. It’s chock full of donations from nearby Amazonians. Check. It. Out.

My favorite places to thrift in my hood, Ballard, are Goodwill and Buffalo Exchange. I also love Lucky Vintage for dresses, which was the first place I stopped in my search, but I didn’t find anything that fit my taste and my body. Oh, the pitfalls of being a stylish Seattlite with curves and a limited budget 🙂

Where do you like to thrift shop? Any amazing finds you want to share? Please do!


Back in Black

Mix textures for a lush effect.

Working for a fashion designer, I hear a lot of talk about how people wear too much black in Seattle. But black really works here because it goes with everything, hides that city grime and, well…kinda seems appropriate considering the dark rain clouds that loom overhead.

Ok. I guess I see why people get sick of black.

But I love black. Black is a color I can wear every day. Whenever I invest in a pricey coat or a pair of PNW-friendly boots, I go for black. But it’s not just about the wearability up here at 47.6062° N, 122.3321° W. Black makes me feel elegant, chic and just a tad bit mysterious 😉 It’s also one of those colors that can be achieved using natural dyes from nuts, roots, seeds and the like. As a true-blue PNW gal, I’m into that kind of thing.

But for me, wearing black has one drawback. As a scooter commuter, a black coat makes me all but invisible to other cars. That sets me up for disaster, as cars already can’t see me. To counter this—and accommodate my love of black—I painted my scooter gold for a little flash—and visibility—on those city streets.

vino sticker close up
Champagne Vino.

Black is beautiful, people. But if brown is more your thing, go for it! One thing I love about fashion is the endless opportunity to express yourself. People won’t always listen to what you are saying, but they will pay attention to what you are wearing. So I use that chance to make a statement!