Back in Black

Mix textures for a lush effect.

Working for a fashion designer, I hear a lot of talk about how people wear too much black in Seattle. But black really works here because it goes with everything, hides that city grime and, well…kinda seems appropriate considering the dark rain clouds that loom overhead.

Ok. I guess I see why people get sick of black.

But I love black. Black is a color I can wear every day. Whenever I invest in a pricey coat or a pair of PNW-friendly boots, I go for black. But it’s not just about the wearability up here at 47.6062° N, 122.3321° W. Black makes me feel elegant, chic and just a tad bit mysterious 😉 It’s also one of those colors that can be achieved using natural dyes from nuts, roots, seeds and the like. As a true-blue PNW gal, I’m into that kind of thing.

But for me, wearing black has one drawback. As a scooter commuter, a black coat makes me all but invisible to other cars. That sets me up for disaster, as cars already can’t see me. To counter this—and accommodate my love of black—I painted my scooter gold for a little flash—and visibility—on those city streets.

vino sticker close up
Champagne Vino.

Black is beautiful, people. But if brown is more your thing, go for it! One thing I love about fashion is the endless opportunity to express yourself. People won’t always listen to what you are saying, but they will pay attention to what you are wearing. So I use that chance to make a statement!




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