Cozy Cold Weather Looks

Belt bag and necklace from GIBRAN. Sam Edelman boots.

I must confess, I love fall and winter in Seattle. While most people are looking forward to our (admittedly) beautiful PNW summers, I’m practically melting from late August through September when the temps are too high for my comfort.

But when those first leaves start to turn red, I break out my sweaters and boots like nobody’s business. This year, however, I didn’t have much of a selection. Last spring I went through a capsule wardrobe moment and donated, like, half my wardrobe. Gone was anything that didn’t fit me right or was ripped or stained. I must be a pack rat because that didn’t leave me with much 🙂

But I’m a savvy shopper and thrifted my way to a decent fall wardrobe. I also picked up a few winter staples in Iceland and France while I was on my Europe trip. I bought a bona fide Scandinavian puffer jacket, a couple of embroidered sweatshirts, some cozy leggings, a pair of luscious black cords and a super comfortable (and flattering) black sweater dress. I love it because I can throw it on whenever I don’t feel like coordinating colors. It’s not much, but it’s a good start to rebuilding a wardrobe I love.

I forgot how much I love sweater dresses. I also picked up a short-sleeve sweater dress from the very talented Gibran Hamdan at GIBRAN on Phinney Ridge and am on the lookout for more whenever I shop. Luckily for me, they are having a comeback!

I like to mix brown and black when the mood strikes.

You can’t beat a sweater dress. Cozy, easy to wear and accessorize, they are the perfect answer to my daily dilemma of what to wear. Throw on some cozy tights or leggings, and you’re good to go. And my accessory of choice? A scarf for a touch of PNW chic. I also love throwing a belt bag or a fun belt around my waist to break up the look.

I’d probably wear them every day if I could. Being a decidedly curvy gal, I struggle with finding pants and skirts that fit. Sweater dresses solve that problem!

It ain’t easy weathering the weather here. But I do my best. Feeling good about what I wear and putting together beautiful—yet warm—outfits is one thing that gets me through the dreary winter. And for that, I’m thankful.

From scarves to capes, parkas, and ponchos, I believe you can look good and stay warm and dry in Seattle.

What are your winter must-haves? I would love to hear your thoughts because I’m always looking for new ways to feel cozy and chic in the PNW.

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